Yesterday sucked…

I hate laying cable. If you have ever done your own home/small office network, or setup a surround sound system, and hid the wires, you most likely know what I am talking about.

Toss in the fact that someone has left the area above our false ceiling tiles a bit of a mess, and add that no one besides me is tall enough to run the cables, and you can understand why I hate running cables at the office more the usual. FYI for those that don’t know the proper standard to do your own network cable, it is :

Orange White / Orange
Green White / Blue
Blue White / Green
Brown White / Brown

Anyway, back to why yesterday sucked and why I hate cabling in this office. I mentioned that it is a mess above the ceiling tiles, and that is putting it mildly. This created havoc with falling dust and fiberglass that got everywhere (including my eyes) when we moved tiles to string the cables along the top. Now keep in mind I had an interview yesterday with a potential employee, so I was dressed decently (IE not wearing jeans, and I had on a button down shirt). This became an issue when I tried to step down from a desk I was standing on to the ground. Apparently I am more flexible then the pants were, because the inside seam from my right knee up tore. We aren’t talking a little tear either, it was a pretty massive one, thank god I had a belt on. So my first reaction was ok, I am going home to change, but I had less then an hour to go, so, I took off my button up shirt and tied it around my waist so I looked like a ’90 grunge wannabe (I had a regular T-shirt on so it was fine). I finished out my day, and decided I needed a chocolate shake to smooth the BS of the day away. So my roommate and I go from the office to McDonald’s to grab food and a chocolate shake for me. mind you my pants are still ripped and I look like a dirty grunge wannabe, so we go through the drive through. We get the food and the drinks with minimal issue, made a quick stop at 7-11 cause the roommate needed his cigarettes, and made our way home. In the attempt to get out of the car, I was handing the drinks to my roommate and the drink carrier broke with one of the teas in it, spilling it all over my left leg and the car. The rest the night was pretty much a wash, I changed into some shorts and just played FFXI the rest the night (Yes I started playing that again).

Anyway today is turning out to be better, so I hope yesterday’s crap is done and over with. Feel free to laugh at my crappy day in comments below.

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