Why I will never Buy an IPhone

I will never buy an IPhone. I know it is a brash statement, but as it stands right now, and for the foreseeable future, it is accurate. All service providers aside ( I feel Verizon is a better Cellular Service Provider then AT&T, but that is not what this post is about), I used to be envious of the people that could get an IPhone, but recent (and not so recent) activities have made me decide I am never going to get one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an ‘Apple Hater’. I had an IPod (IPod Touch to be precises, which was I won at a company Christmas party), and I do not think Microsoft or Google (or any one company for that matter) is the utmost authority in technology, I simply have come to the conclusion that Apple’s Iphone will not be able to fill my needs as a user, with it’s current limitation placed upon it by Apple and AT&T. Below, in no specific order, is my list of issues with the Iphone, and why I went with the Droid by Motorola on Verizon.

  1. The Network – I have used AT&T, and Verizon. I like Verizon better, enough said.
  2. I want my phone to be a phone first, everything else comes second. So, if you have 32GB of storage, but you can’t get service inside a store, the phone is worthless
  3. Apple has been increasingly become big brother. Sure it has a large selection of applications, but what if I want an app that Apple doesn’t approve. Your SOL or you have to Jail Break your phone and install the App, which is against ToS with Apple.
  4. I don’t like how Apple treated developers of already approved applications, that made their livelihood off of programs for the IPhone. Simply pulling the Apps out of the AppStore with no warning or prior explanation really hurt my view of Apple as a company.
  5. The last reason I will never buy an IPhone is other cell phones are starting to catch up. The Android OS from Google is available on tons of fully functional phones, you can modify them with out breaking Google’s ToS (this is not to say some cell providers don’t have rules against it). You only have 10,000 applications in the Android Market, but the cool thing is you can write your own applications, and even install applications that haven’t been approved by Google, with out having to hack your phone.

Those are just my opinions, you may have your own opinion and that is fine. I am not looking to pick a fight with any fan-boys or fan-girls. I only add this disclaimer because fan boys and girls tend to be easily offended, and flame posts when they are mad.

With that said feel free to post comments.

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