Virtual Desktop – BETA Testers Needed

I have been working on creating a “Virtual-Desktop-as-a-service” for a while now.  I have hit bumps in the road, including technical aspects of fail-over and  redundancy, all the way to headache inducing licensing.

Now, with support from Citrix and Microsoft though, I have managed to now have something that I feel will work well, but I need beta testers!!!  That is where you the lucky reader come in.

We currently have the entire Microsoft Office Premium Suite, KeePass, Notepad ++, Netbeans, along with a few other programs and Virtual Desktop available through XenApp.  You will be able to use these applications at no cost during the course of the Beta, all I ask is that you provide bug reports and feedback. 🙂

Post a comment below, or send me a message on Twitter to request a Beta Account.