Some times the Comments are better then the Posts

When I first clicked on this link, (that was in another blog I was reading while doing research.) I was a bit confused. The Post didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but after reading the comments, everything clicked together and I started laughing. I mean we have all heard the stories about elderly people trying to use a computer that isn’t plugged in, or that their “cup holder” is stuck, but this really takes it to a new level. I mean how did they find this guy’s site? Probably through google… Anyway the comment that got me laughing pretty hard was this one.

hello i am 82 years old and google is on my computer withour permission IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. my compoter is slow now and i want to contact the internet what is the number?

FYI – Those are not my spelling mistakes.

Hope you all get a laugh like I did.

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