So I'm A Cracker :-/

I got called a cracker today by a one of our customer’s customers. (For anyone that is keeping track that makes her nothing to us.)
I was a little thrown back, because I was taking over the call from another admin, and I had not been on the call for more then 15 seconds which I think is a new personal record for being insulted in a call.

Ok, first let me say this; I am pretty used to people saying derogatory things about who I am. I have had to deal with it my entire life, even from my family at some points, but who the hell still says ‘cracker’? I mean really, I would have been more impressed if they had called me Casper or something.

What confuses me about the whole thing is the woman on the other end sounded white (Southern, but not of the elegant variety), and cracker is such an uninspired insult, I mean really.

This post is more of wtf then anything. So if your looking for a point, there isn’t one. Just read it and take it as it is.

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