My Mom is stalking me…(Her words not mine)

So I know it is an event that rarely happens, but I am posting multiple times today. I called my mom back after she called me a few days ago and I missed her call. Now I know everyone is like “Why didn’t you call her right back?”, well I did. She didn’t answer, so I figured it wasn’t too important. Anyway I caught her on her lunch, and she told me she has been stalking me online… Now I love my mom, but sometimes she has poor choice in wording. What she meant was she watches my facebook, and my blog. She will most likely be all over my youtube channel as soon as I make it and my twitter as soon as she finds it.

Have you ever had parents keep a “digital eye” on you, or if your a parent do you keep one on your kids social media? (at age 26?)

You know the drill,


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