My FireFox Plugins – My Must Haves…

So as promised, I have comprised a list of Firefox plugins that I use at home and at work. This list is fairly long and most of them explain what I use them for. If you have a favorite plugin, please add it as a comment.

Web Developer

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This plugin is my bread and butter when it comes to trying to trouble shoot issues with a site. The Code inspector lets me know if there is a issue with a site, and helps me track down where it problem is. The cookies manipulation is awesome too, when trying to troubleshoot or trigger an event caused cookies, it saves tons of time.


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This plugin has been a god send for when a customer calls in wanting to know why their site is loading slow. When you run the report, your site is given a grade score overall and breaks down where you can improve.

AdBlock Plus

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This plugin blocks all Ads on a website. I started using this after I was getting full screen Div Tag popups that do not get blocked by popup blockers (because they don’t actually open a new window). I have not seen another ad after I installed this on my home computer. (I leave it off my work PC because I sometimes need to check customer’s Ads on their site.)


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This plugin is required for YSlow and has some cool feature on it that allow you to adjust your web design. Works well with Web Developer Plugin.


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I am a big Linux/Unix command line user. I use it so often, that I sometimes forget that I need to copy to paste it. This Plugin takes care of that issue for me, at least in firefox.


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This plugin auto translates a website from what ever language to the default language of the browser. Nifty if you have to try and figure out what people are posting on their site. **Fixed Now!**

Live Http Headers

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This plugin watches the http headers as they are passed. This is great is you are trying to test any Ajax applications.


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This is another plugin that has made my life so much easier. Instead of having to use CentralOps every time I need to get a IP address of a site, I just check this plugin at the bottom of my browser. If I need more information I use CentralOps, or my own tool I modified.

Tab Mix Plus

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This plugin is new to my arsenal but I really like it, you can control sessions for tabs, get a preview of the tabs, and even open likes to at foreground tab.

Tamper Data

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This plugin allows you to modify your headers that you send to a server. Its nice when you are testing the security of a script or want to run something against a script for testing purposes.

If you have a favorite plugin add it as a comment below.

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