June 1st 2016

June 1st, 2016.


I am challenging myself to be more creative.


To achieve this goal, I am going to write and post something every day for the month of June.  The key point there is that I need to post it. I always start writing stuff, but never seem to get to a point where I am finished and post it.   I will either be posting what I write on my personal blog (darksideofperfection.com), my gaming blog (myoneup.net), or my professional blog (JoshuaKnapp.me).  Maybe all three.  Depends on the kind of mood I am in.

All three blogs need some love, as I haven’t spent the time to put good themes on them, but if I wait to do that, I will never get to actually writing.

My self-imposed rules are:

  • Anything I write and post must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs long or 1 page single spaced.
  • Must be written that day (so no spending a weekend writing a week’s worth of posts).
  • Must be posted before 11:59PM

I am not limiting my topics, and they will range from technical pieces about computers and software to fantasy writing and short stories and even some game reviews or thoughts.  I will try to keep technical writing to my professional blog, fantasy and short stories to my personal blog and gaming related news to my gaming blog.  No promises though.

If you have ideas for a subject that you think I would enjoy writing about let me know, either by commenting on the blog or hitting me up on Facebook.


And if you enjoy any of my posts this month feel free to share them.



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