Don't Piss me Off!

So my week has been pretty messed up.  More over the whole month of March was being used to fix crap.  Starting with a complete failure by AIS, causing several days of working to non-stop to bring all servers back online. Then a month long battle with storage issues, finally brought to a head requiring a restore of accounts to a new storage solution. The entire time that was happening I was getting alerts on my cell phone about accounts being down.  This made for very little sleep, but  after finally completing the migration to new storage, I was looking  forward to a good nights sleep.  This was ruined by some jerk that thought it a good idea to send ads by texting me at 12:30 at night.  Now most the time I am a pretty relaxed guy, but I haven’t sleep properly in like a month, even less this last week, and last night was not the night to piss me off.

Not to mention the guy didn’t have the have a remove link so the text was illegal (Lets not even get in to the time, or the fact I didn’t sign up for it).

Anyway, his sites are now offline now 🙂


Pissed off