Bullying & Harassment in Online Gaming


<!–WARNING–!>Strong and Offensive Language used in this post<!–WARNING–!>

Due to recent events in a game Corey and I play online, I thought it would be interesting to write about Bullying and Harassment Online.  When most people think of bullying, they think of a kid on a play ground or at school being picked on by their peers.  But Online, a person, of any age can be subject to abuse and harassment by someone of any age.  It is made even easier by the inclusion of voice chat for many games.

In some cases we laugh it off.  I think I have seen a half dozen or more videos on youtube of 11-12 year olds calling adults “camping [email protected]” and blowing their lids  in games like ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Counter Strike’ and other FPS.  These kids sound like they haven’t even hit puberty, and they don’t even know what the words they are saying mean.

But they don’t stay like that baby who learned a curse word and is now spouting it in church every quiet moment for long.  These kids eventually turn into Angry Video Game Nerds (all be it the junior edition)  and thus start an ugly cycle of abuse.  The continue to call other players names, and start to develop elitist attitudes and lose their cool very quickly.  Usually if someone reaches this point, they have something in their life they are unhappy with, and making others feel bad in a video game makes them feel like they are on control.

The next level is when the junior edition grows up and decides that everyone needs to see what kind of game genius they are.  This type will likely brag about DPS or head shots,but never actually have proof of the skills claimed.  They will vehemently argue points until the opposing party either agrees or gives up.  People in this rank will use their real or imaginary numbers to make a player feel like crap.  They are usually found saying “Bruh, Git Gud”, “Dude your ::insert you class role:: fucking sucks, RTFM” or “DIAAF” and complaining when they get called out.  They tend to get violent with objects around them, but not people so much.

The last level are those that threaten people, either in game or in person.  This level will not leave a player alone, and for what ever reason, and will continue to harass until they get the desired results or serious action is taken.  Name calling and physical threats are common.




PS if there is interest in further bits about online game bullying let me know.