Backups are your friends…

I have always been huge on keeping backups (this is why I have most my ripped songs music from Middle School still). In the last couple weeks we have had at least 3 people call in about their servers being down, we found that the hard drive was either :
1) Corrupted beyond repair, due to a Virus
2) Corrupted beyond repair, cause the user had a itchy trigger finger on the reboot button
3) Or the hard drive failed entirely

All three of these cases expected the host to have backups of files for them, and were bitten by the harsh reality when it came to light that they had not paid for that service, and what was worse, their ‘IT’ person didn’t even know what backups were.

Unless you are on some sort of shared plan, don’t expect your host to do your dirty work of backups for you. It takes time, resources and man power to ensure that backups are done, and done correctly. I recommend that you review your backup, and recovery plan in the event something should go down. You should do this even if you are on a shared plan, because hosting providers are not infallible, just ask dreamhost, or rackspace.