This blog is part testing ground for my professional life and part self expression for my not so professional life. You may see me write about a script that I wrote, or a fix for an exploit, or you might see me complain about something that happened in a game I play.

I will try my best to keep tags on posts, and to keep them relevant. Also, I plan to post credit where credit is due.

For those that use my scripts, any ideas or suggestions are welcome. If you have further questions please let me know.

About the Author

Well, My name is Josh, I am a 30 something living in southern California.

I love it here, its warm most the year and I am close to everything. I grew in Michigan for most my life, so I do know what cold is, and I do know how to drive in bad weather. If you have any questions my life is pretty much an open book, feel free to ask me.

How you can connect with me...